How To Make Girls Like You Then Love You

WARNING: Techniques So Powerful - They Should Be Illegal ...

If you're like most guys, you're probably very familiar with the agony of defeat when it comes to meeting women.

Even if you succeeded in the meeting phase, you probably ended up in the friend zone and that's if you were lucky.

The friend zone is like a twilight zone of desire and horniness, believe me .. I know.

I'm here to show you how to make girls like you.


Bad Advice - Creating Mr. Nice Guy

As young men, we are told to be ourselves and love would find us. Were these just lies? No. They were well meaning wishes from well-meaning people (who usually didn't know squat). We follow this advice and we get nowhere. Actually, we get battered and bruised psychologically and many of us never recover.

I was Mr. Nice Guy myself. So, guess where I finished? LAST. That lasted for more years than I care to remember. I was Captain Virgin (minus the cape). There is technically nothing wrong with being a virgin. Like women lie about the number of men they've been with (decreasing the actual number), most men lie about their number of "sexual conquests" (usually doubling or tripling the number).

The majority of men don't have sex on a "regular" basis. At least not sex with who they want to have sex with. Most men get sex from women that will give it to them, settling for a woman that will simply not reject him. But those days are OVER for you.

Get Help and Reverse the Signs of Corny

Often times men have a problem with getting help. It's a problem with embarrassment that probably stops them from getting women too. I now realize that I was the reason for my previous loneliness.

I made some crucial mistakes in my dating life. I could tell you some nightmarishly funny stories of how I'd ruin my chances for intimacy, time and time again. I'm a handsome guy ... have always been told that but I'd witness other guys that looked like human/insect mutations constantly get the types of women I only dreamt, no, fantasized about.

I went from spending my Friday nights drinking beer and watching TV to XXX (and I don't mean porn). My only challenge now is not letting it all go to my head, not having unprotected sex and trying to be as honest as possible (breaking women's hearts will take a serious toll on you, eventually). Now I get who I want and I even have to come up with new fantasies.

A friend helped me out by pointing me in the right direction and now I'll be helping you out. Any self-help system needs to be tweaked to fit the end user therefore no system by itself is fool proof but I believe that if you actually do be yourself and be strategic, you can have a better dating life/love life/marriage even.

For All You Late Bloomers Out There


A quick word about late bloomers. Did you know that we run the world? Those athletes that we went to school with ... those player, players who got all the girls are burnt out now.

Now is our time. You are "sweet". You're considerate. You're a giver. All these are qualities that women want BUT it has to be done in a certain way and at the right times and the planets have to be aligned and the earth must be tilted exactly right on its axis in relation to where you are on the planet. No really, it's not that hard with help.

Out of all the courses I've purchased, the two below systems really changed everything for me. Again, no system is perfect. Perfection doesn't really exist but the two below courses are guaranteed to enhance your dating.

The Supernatural Seduction System for $1 ... that's ONE BUCK

(great course for the novice)

With great power comes great responsibility and who wants to be responsible. Start Slow.

If this is your first ride on the merry-go-round, you may want to go with the Supernatural Seduction System by ummmm, I forgot the creator's name. The bonuses that come with this system are pretty good but most of all, it's only a buck to try out. I advise any newbie to get this course before any others. The trial cost is like nothing and you get a ton of free stuff.

The Supernatural Seduction System is serious business and it's saving loins ... I mean lives ;). I'd suggest you pay the $1, USE the tactics over the following three weeks and cancel if you don't see some big positive changes in your love life.

The Supernatural Seduction System goes into how to sexually arouse women, it'll give you field tested pickup lines (and shows you how to develop your own), it gives step-by-step instructions to seduce the women of your dreams, it's easy to follow for men with low confidence, plus the bonuses will make her toes curl. Go get it for a buck. You'll be seven steps closer to happiness.

The Tao of Badass System

(for the more advanced)

If you're more advanced. I mean, if you want to completely dominate then definitely go for the Tao of Badass System. DEFINITELY, click the link below because even the video will give you some awesome advice.

This system costs around $67 dollars but it is badass. This system taught me about:

- Sexual Triggers - i.e. looking at a woman's mouth while she is talking to you to make her subconsciously think you want to sleep with her.
- Stealth Tactics - which bypass a woman's logical brain and goes directly to her emotional brain.
- Instant Dominance - how to make women submissive in your presence.
- Escaping the Frriiieeennnndddd Zoooonnnneeee!
- How to keep a woman from ever cheating on you.
- You even get a Do This - Do That Flow Chart for all you visual learners out there.

It comes with a Dating Multiple Women Report, a Guide to Breaking-Up Report, an Audio Commentary, and lots more. The course is $67 with no trial offer. Both systems offer money back guarantees. Get both if you want.

We Can Rebuild Him. We Have the Technology.

Newbies - get the Supernatural Seduction System - it's one dollar for a two week trial (I'm pretty sure they're still offering the trial).

If you're a little past the basics then expertize yourself by getting the Tao of Badass for $67.

Send them back if they suck but I personally think you will want to pass it on when you see other walking train wrecks (if you even notice them - have a heart).

It's all about implementation. Don't buy a product and do nothing. That's a waste of money. Get it - use it - if it sucks, send it back. Don't wait for the guarantee period to end. One is like the cost of a lunch date and the other is like a dinner date. The dinner date may get you under some sheets (and not by yourself). Get your money back if things remain the same for you (you'd have to do nothing for that to happen). Get these courses and you'll find that you may know women better than they know themselves.

Well, I'm out. Happy dating to you.

For the Padawans a.k.a. the Novice

For the Jedi Knight a.k.a. Advanced Techniques

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